Jack Gibson

It could also be titled Pyramid for its form and strength.

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This sculpture was a defining point in my life.

Twelve years of managing my art gallery, representing 26 artists, fulfilling commissions and restorative works had left self-creativity dormant. The gallery lease, due for renewal at a large increase was a green light. I closed the gallery. Creativity wakened and I searched to sculpt the art of dance. Turns in the road… and, with an exceptional dancer/model in her pregnancy we created “Sarah”.

Refocused to sculpting dance, and with ten pounds of wax and my tools, I ventured to Havana where after a few days I located and rented two rooms – to work and to sleep.

Freshly settled I went to a contemporary dance performance and was immensely impressed by two male dancers. I returned next day at rehearsal where Yonel was limbering up with stretching exercises – another turn in the road! The day following we did a photo shoot for referencing and he modelled for the piece in his name, “Yonel”.