Fusing Art to Nature

After operating his own art gallery in the Vancouver, BC, area, sculptor Jack Gibson and his wife moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 and set up his studio and showpiece home in Garden Bay. The movement of the human body in dance fascinated the sculptor for years and led to the creation of Yonel, a life-size bronze figure of a dancer arched in a warm-up stretch. It became a focal point for his garden and is joined in his hilly front yard by another dancing figure in bronze, the Dream Duster.

Since then Jack has created multiple fascinating figurines to enhance gardens and fuse art to nature.

King’s Prey

Here, Jack comments on a distinctive artwork:

“I have studied Chinook and Coho salmon for many years. I have carved them, painted them, formed them in many mediums – and now have created this composition in a grid form using cold metal for the most accurate detail. The salmon images are hand-carved in wax, cast in silicone rubber, produced in polymer resin-metal combination, polished, patina-fused and coated for protection.”

The total edition amounts to 220 pieces to form different compositions in groups of 6, 9, 12, 16, 20 or more, either vertically or horizontally. All compositions are mounted on a solid backing with attached rails for easier hanging (1.75 inches thickness). They can be mounted on an interior wall or an exterior patio with the possible addition of a water feature. The price per unit is $500.00 (USD) unframed and $ 650.00 (USD) framed.

Dream Duster

As I watched a contemporary dance group one performer in particular caught my eye. Her movements were bold and her features were unique. She did a solo performance within the group and the ending pose of the performance remained etched in my thoughts for over a decade. I considered how those features could be interpreted into a bronze. As her image continually resurfaced in my mind the magic of her pose began to reconstruct into the form in which I would sculpt her. However, it was always her face that I saw clearly along with the patinas that I would use on this imaginative piece. Fortunately, I was able to find a model not too far away from my new home on the Sunshine Coast. The model was able to help me start creating my vision. Inspired by one pose in particular, Dream Duster began to form. Now, my vision moved from her face to her unique pose. With the model’s help I could work with the pose in a concrete form. As I started to sculpt this piece that I had been envisioning for over a decade, like everything else I start, it evolved into something more special to me. 

Perhaps some of my own spirit meshed into this piece. As I admire this piece I always find new personality in it. You can spend many hours gazing at her as she casts her magic on her audience. In her dance Dream Duster is a character between worlds and as she blows her magic dust at you she can make you into an angel or a monster. Let her cast her spell on you!