Jack Gibson
9 x 24 x 9 limited edition cast bronze white patina
9 x 24 x 9 limited edition cast bronze black patina

About to stir from reclining on a broad tree limb supported by my hand, the hand rooted as the tree trunk, SHE encompasses the qualities of assured strength and surety of composed power.

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Studying the movements of a woman in expressive dance I realized similarities with the fluidity of cats. Even in repose they each have an aura of strength and unyielding power. My piece LIBERTY with cat’s face and feet is of surrealism in a cat-like movement. An unused photo of poses for MELANIE remained an unanswered sculpture that in time motivated me toward creating a piece of the independence of woman and her beginning. The result is my bronze SHE.

Now for unveiling is SHE cast in silver. Initially cast as a precious metal investment project sized 9”x24”x10”, I now have further appreciation of this sculpting for the aura of finesse it portrays.