King’s Prey – Stainless Steel

Jack Gibson

12 x 12

Tiles were designed to form different compositions in sets of 6, 9, 12, 16, 20 or more and provide a larger Fine Art Relief. Tiles are mounted on a solid backing with attached rails for easier hanging (1.75 inches thickness).

*Each set of tiles – add $60.00 /per tile for mounting and fitting on backing

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Here, Jack comments on a distinctive artwork:

“I have studied Chinook and Coho salmon for many years. I have carved them, painted them, formed them in many mediums – and now have created this composition in a grid form using cold metal for the most accurate detail. The salmon images are hand-carved in wax, cast in silicone rubber, produced in polymer resin-metal combination, polished, patina-fused and coated for protection.”