Jack Gibson

This intricate bronze, sculpted by Jack Gibson, depicts a Kwaguilth dancer wearing a three way Raven transformation mask, one of many traditional masks created by the southern Kwakiutl.

22 x 13 x 12″



The dancer, hidden in the huge cedar mask, becomes Gwaxwiwe” or “Raven Transforming”, by opening up the hinged face, from Raven into a Killerwhale, and then finally into the Human Spirit.

In Kwakiutl tradition, at “the begining of time” respected families gained ownership of particular dances telling stories and legends. Generation after generation, dancers have taken enormous pride in dazzling Potlatch guests with dramatic movements and stunning masks.

This complex highly detailed sculpture is the first of it’s kind; the mask actually opens and closes, just like the original. the beautiful ceremonial blanket worn by the dancer is decorated with cast silver and bronze feathers.

Jack Gibson thanks the Kwakiutl people of British Columbia for allowing him to share in their heritage and culture.