Raven Clam People


Ben Davidson
48in diameter medium g-composite in rust brown patina

Ben Davidson was born to a long lineage of highly respected Haida artists, and is the son of Robert Davidson, the foremost Northwest Coast artist alive today. Although unusual according to Haida tradition, Ben formerly apprenticed to his father, finishing his four years of training in 1998.


In addition to working with his father, Davidson has learned much from his uncle, Reg Davidson, also a highly regarded and established Haida artist. Ben’s first commercial works were part of a group exhibition at the Douglas Reynolds Gallery in 2001. Davidson recently opened his own gallery on Haida Gwaii, All About U Arts, where he currently lives with his family. He works in a variety of media and scale including delicately carved jewelry, cedar masks and panels, paper and forton casts, and monumental totem poles. In 2006 a large carved cedar Chief’s Seat was included in the hugely popular exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery “Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art”. Davidson has also carved a totem pole for the world famous British Artist, Damien Hirst.